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One spring day, many years ago, Nino Salvaggio was approached by one of his suppliers to buy several cases of beautiful, lush strawberries. Although Nino did not need the additional cases of strawberries, he thought they looked exceptional…so he said “yes.” By late morning, and after several more purchases, Nino was the owner of 500 cases of strawberries. Knowing that fruit is a perishable item and also realizing that he now owned three times the amount of strawberries he usually sold in one day, Nino was faced with an exciting challenge.

Determined to sell all 500 cases, Nino strategized and built a beautiful display in the front of the store. He set up rows and rows of wooden displays at various heights and artfully arranged the fruit so that his customers entered a sea of bright red strawberries that seemed to extend for miles. Next to the display, Nino placed beautiful hand painted signs that read “$3.99 Per Flat.” As word spread about the sweet, delicious strawberries, customers flocked from every direction to Nino’s 2,000 square foot market in St. Clair Shores. As fate would have it, all 500 strawberry cases were quickly sold.

It was on that day that Nino Salvaggio learned a valuable lesson about the art of merchandising. He also developed a philosophy that has proven to be the backbone of Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace’s success, “Give the customer exactly what they want, whatever it takes, cater to them and you can bet they will keep coming back for more.” This philosophy is apparent today in each Nino Salvaggio market with locations in St. Clair Shores, Troy and Clinton Township. We at Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace are proud to continue the tradition and challenge that Nino Salvaggio himself aspired to. We honor his memory by providing each and every customer the best quality products and service available.

With the Nino Salvaggio Strawberry over the door, we personally invite you to experience the warmth and tradition of Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace. A magnificent shopping experience awaits you amidst the aisles of colorful, fresh produce, gourmet delights and, while you are here, don’t forget the strawberries!

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